Oehlbach Cinch connectors

CJG 65

Enlarge RCA plug for cable cross-sections up to 6.5mm. High-quality cinch plugs for video cable assembly, e.g. component or RGB cables. The innovative design of the contact-surface areas means that this Oehlbach cinch plug always creates reliable connections to the connected electronic components - irrespective of whether these components are AV receivers, projectors or TVs. The plug contacts have been plated with 24-carat gold and the cable feed is suitable for cable diameters of up to 6.5 mm.

3 Star Quality


  • Solid full-metal plug
  • 24- carat gold-plated contacts
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Slit central pin

Technical Data

  • Plug design: Full-metal screw-type plug
  • Plug type: Straight
  • Characteristic wave impedance: 75 Ω
  • Connection technique: Solder
  • Suitable for cable diameters: Up tp 6.5 mm

Price per unit   (Order No Oe-4125) EUR 26,55 excl. VAT: € 22.31 / $ 24.99